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Tips for an At-Home Study Space

The change from classroom study to studying at home can feel like a blessing in many ways, but it’s okay if it feels like a curse. Suddenly, a piece of your external structure has been ripped away. Your environment, and the physical shift between home and school, has been going a long way to build your sense of daily routine!.


To keep schooldays manageable, it can help to replace that sense of routine. Some ways to do so are to remember to get dressed every morning, to start the day with a walk around the block instead of a walk to school, and to create a visually distinct “home classroom.”


Whether your “home classroom” is a room or a corner, here are some tips to make sure it’s working for you!


Don’t Work Where You Sleep...

…even if your only option is the bedroom.


As you study at home, your brain will rely on a visual transition between parts of your day: Here is for sleep, here is for study, here is for work, here is for play. Setting up your desk in a different room from your bed is the optimal solution, but even if that's not an option, you can create a visually separate "space."


Establish a corner of your room as your office, and keep laundry and other bedroom clutter away from that space. Consider rearranging what you have hanging on the wall, and hanging some decor you don’t associate with your bedroom. A small area rug under your desk and chair can further create a visually distinct zone.


Organization is Functional, Not Complicated

Some people thrive on color-coded journals and polished, Instagram-worthy notes. Others find that unsustainable. And that’s okay! Much like we all have different learning styles, so, too, do we all have different optimal organization patterns.


Keep any materials you’re liable to lose track of in an organized but visible space, like a desktop organizer rather than a drawer. If you struggle to pull out your textbooks and do the readings, remove the steps between you and studying. Ask yourself: Do I work better if I pack all my things up every day, or if my textbook is already open on the desk?


Create a Space That Makes You Feel Good


This is different for everyone. Do you breathe easiest around a lot of plants? Would you prefer to study somewhere with clean crisp lines, or somewhere homey and warm? Give yourself a little time to experiment with your aesthetic, and take note of what keeps your brain awake and heart happy. You’re supporting yourself in learning, not creating a prison cell.


Studying from home remains a challenge no matter what tools you have. But we believe it is one you can challenge. And we wish you the best of luck!