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Friday Night Fun

You made it through another whole week of work, you know what that means right? Another work week means another Friday night adventure here in Gilbert, Arizona, but now it’s time to ditch the usual spot and try something new! Here are some great ideas that you and the weekend crew should try.

Puzzle on Puzzle

Time to put the drinks down and your thinking caps on in one of Gilbert’s escape rooms! With two options being Puzzle Effect or International Room Escape, these real-world escapes are sure to leave yours and your friends brains scrambling to solve the puzzle, and escape room in time. Do you have what it takes?

JP’s Comedy Club
Known as the best laugh on the East Valley, JP’s is known for their laughs, smiles, and overall good vibes. This comedy club is known to give light to local jokesters and bringing in national touring entertainers for the city of Gilbert. Whether you want to enjoy some laughs with friends or learn how to make people laugh with JP’s comedy classes, there’s something to offer for everyone here at JP’s